Self Repairing High Speed Roll Up Doors


RolliZIP is the ultimate solution for every application in traffic flow areas.

In case of accidental impact, the flexible curtain re-inserts itself, drastically reducing technical service times and costs. The curtain comes also with a lower flexible border (equipped with a safety edge) for total security in the event of impact against pedestrians.

RolliZIP provides structures with different dimensions in order to be used as both an inside and outside application. According to UNI EN12424 standard, its wind-resistance belongs to Class II, a unique feature for this kind of doors.

The curtain guide system effectively protects from loss of heat, ensuring an excellent insulation among rooms and between inside and outside. Standard equipment comprises every part needed for RolliZIP installation as well as a complete kit for its best functionality and user safety. Self-repairing RolliZIP doors are delivered with a factory pre-cabled electrical system plus connector block, motor/board cables, photocells and accessories already positioned.

The whole range of GLG products is compliant with UNI EN13241-1 standard.

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RolliZip – Side mounting Motor

RolliZip – Front mounting Motor

OnePage Setup

Real Factory precabled with a simplified fitting. OnePage setup because the main cabling instructions are just in a page.

Affordable and Safe

Every components, mechanical or electrical, is intensively tested both in-house than on-site to give the higher level of functionality in every application even in the heavy usage. The self repairing curtain equipped with soft safety edge allows a safe use in those high traffic areas.


RolliZip is produced to deliver the same design in time but it can be fully customizable depending on customer request.

Designed for the trade

RolliZip is the solution for the trade that requires a custom products under its brand name but wants it reliable and easy to fit and maintain.