High Speed Rool Up Doors for Classified Environments



It is the high speed door suitable for special environments, where safety is a major issue.

All its operating components are perfectly isolated or enclosed in sealed containers, in order to prevent any possible dangerous spark or heat exchange.

The supporting structure is made of galvanized steel with a removable top cover for inspection.

The sliding tracks are provided with long lasting rubber seals and frontal brush.

ATEX certified electronics enclosures for Control Box and Photocells. ATEX certified clangs for wiring. ATEX limit switches.

Industry standard made in Europe components. Mechanical, electrical and electronics are made in Europe from selected suppliers for the best performance and reliability.

Easy fitting with state of the art electronic control box to control and adjust every device and door operation.


Rolligo L – Side Mounting Motor

Rolligo FI – Frontal Mounting Motor

Caratteristiche principali e tecniche del prodotto
  • Struttura: zincata (INOX AISI 304 opzionale)
  • Resistenza al vento: UNI EN 12-424  classe 1
  • Dimensioni: 4000 x H 4000 mm
  • Velocità di apertura: 0,9 m/sec
  • Velocità di chiusura: 0,9 m/sec
  • Posizione motore: laterale o frontale
  • Guide di scorrimento: con profilo in plastica posteriore ad alto scorrimento e spazzolino frontale
  • Motore: Autofrenante ATEX 380V trifase
  • Finecorsa: ATEX

Freno elettromagnetico da togliere!!

  • Quadro elettrico: standard elettronico in contenitore ATEX
    pulsanti: Apri, Chiudi Emergenza Stop
    10 modalità operative
  • Sblocco emergenza: a comando manuale con leva sblocco freno sul gruppo motore
  • Sicurezza: coppia di fotocellule in contenitore ATEX
  • Manto: tessuto antistatico, in poliestere extra strong 900 gr/mq DTEX 1100
    finestratura standard TRASPARENTE a tutta larghezza, (H 400 mm)
    certificazione reazione al fuoco UNE 23.727-90 di Classe 2
  • Colori standard: azzurro RAL 5012 (antistatico)
  • Certificata secondo la norma UNI EN13241-1
  • Conforme ad ambienti classificati ATEX 2D IIG T3
  • Structure: Standard galvanized. Powder coated of Stainless Steel on request.
  • Wind Load: UNI EN 12-424 Class 1
  • Dimension: free passage up to 4000 x H 4000
  • Opening speed: 0,9mt/sec
  • Closing speed: 0,9mt/sec
  • Motor: Side mounting 380V 3phase motor. ATEX certified.
  • Curtain position: ATEX limit switches in the upright.
  • Control Box: Electronic type. Open, Close, Pedestrian, Reset and Emergency stop buttons on cover. Power supply 380V 3phase.10 operation mode selectable, Pedestrian opening function. Integrated 2 channels Radio receiver. ATEX enclosure.
  • Manual operation: With long handle on motor unit for curtain manual movement in case of main power supply failure.
  • Safety: Safety photocells in the doorway. ATEX enclosure.
  • Curtain: Antistatic certified. Standard with horizontal reinforcement tubes. Polyester fabric 900gr/sqm. Fire reaction UNE 23.727-90 Class M2. One full vision window as a standard.
  • Curtain colours: Light Blue (Antistatic).
  • Certification: UNI EN13241-1 EC Certified
  • ATEX Rated: 2G IID T3