Flexible swing doors


Flexible swing doors are particularly recommended for separating working areas in industrial and commercial sites.

Commonly used in food industry and supermarkets, these doors are suited to installation on emergency exits. They are an economy and functional solution because they can be easily manufactured and mounted.

There are two available models: a version with manual opening and spring automatic closing and an automatic version with pneumatic and electro-pneumatic devices for automatic opening via touch or remote control (for example button, tie-rod, radar, etc.).

Special solutions are mainly used for closing large passageways with peculiar features, such as depots and rail and tram shops with aerial transmission lines.

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Flexible panels made with colored PVC grey or yellow than in double layer black rubber with transparent window for visibility.



Flexible PVC panels with lower part in both colored PVC grey or yellow than in double layer black rubber. Up to 8mm thickness.



Transparent flexible PVC with reinforcement in the most solicitated parts. Available in different thickness from 4 up to 7mm. Special version in Reinforced transparent three layer PVC with internal net.

Automatic MONO


Semiautomatic TOUCH



FlexGO doors are built with a monolitic structure available in different model depending on door dimension. The standard galvanized structure can be realized in both Stainless Steel or Powder coated paint to fit special environments requirements.

Flexible panels

Flexible panels are built from high quality row materials to assure the best resistance and long lasting even in heavy industry application.


PVC with plastic addictive for standard environments and low temperature application (up to -35° C) for a cristal transparency and high flexibility. Double layer Black Rubber for the most aggressive environments.

Automatic Closing System

Door leaf is equipped with an internal torsion spring mechanism for automatic closing after passages. FlexGO swing on top and bottom plate by means of stainless steel self lubricating support. The closing strength of the leaf can be adjusted.

Automatic device

All flexible doors can be equipped with automatic device for automatic opening. The most common is the pneumatic bi-directional device, with a simple pressure on the leaf the door opens in both directions. For other use the mono-direction electro-pneumatic device can be use with remote controls such as hand held transmitters, push buttons, radar and so on.

Automatic MONO

Electro-Pneumatic device for mono directional opening by a remote control (push buttons, hand held transmitter, radar etc).

Automatic closing with adjustable timer. Delivered with control box with electronic board to interface electro-valve with opening device. This device need Air supply and standard monophase for control box. In case of power failure the door can be used manually.

Semiautomatic TOUCH

Full pneumatic device for automatic opening in both directions. Simply pressing the door leaf the device opens the door automatically. The open and close speed can be adjusted by the air discharge valve.