Alumina - Porta ad avvolgimento rapido auto-riparabile

Fast, safe, well-designed and innovative
Suitable for interior and exterior
Suitable for busy crowded places
Certified and cheaper than the traditional stainless steel one

It is the best and cheapest solution for busy crowded places.
It can be installed more easily and faster than traditional high speed.
Transport charges are lower and this is an advantage for all our kit products.
The flexible curtain automatically resumes its original position in the lateral tracks when the door is hit accidentally, thus reducing maintenance costs and time.
The bottom edge of the curtain is supplied with a flexible part that prevents the door from going down and inverts its movement, with total safety, in case of impact with people or objects.
The sliding system of the curtain guarantees perfect isolation between the exterior and interior.
Structure, curtain and windows can be customized to satisfy customers requirements and the characteristics of the installation site.

GLG Alumina GigaControl A r4 0419
GLG Alumina Installation r2 0218