GLG was founded in 1983 as a company specialized in the production of industrial flexible doors and parts for maintaining and manufacturing industrial doors. GLG developed experience on two different market fronts by cooperating with the leading resellers and supporting the main sector producers.

The set comprising parts for maintenance and manufacture of industrial doors – both flexible and high speed –, mainly addressed to resellers and servicemen, is one of the most complete and includes prompt delivery products and products manufactured on demand.

GLG approaches the market listening carefully to its needs, always willing to find the most suitable solution for its customers. GLG's organization is flexible and made by motivated and professional staff which always aims to deliver right and high performance products.

Starting from the basic available models, customers can request customized and tailored made products, according to their specific needs, and always count on the technical and commercial support the company offers to develop the most suitable solution.

Product quality means to GLG long-lasting reliability, user-friendly installation, prompt delivery terms and assistance. All these aspects represent a real advantage in economic terms for both end customers and resellers or servicemen, since their running costs will be drastically cut down as well as their efforts in installing and providing technical assistance during warranty period.

The current range of industrial and flexible doors – manual and automatic – and a line of high speed doors meet all the different needs as to handling goods, means and people within industrial and business realities; moreover, all these products identify themselves for their high quality standard.